Jason was a beautiful little 18 month old boy and had a personality to match. Jason was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma September 10th, 1999 and sadly lost his battle on September 12, 2000. The tumor was huge when discovered and not operable so chemo was the choice of treatment.

Neuroblastoma is usually found in babies or children. It’s a solid mass that originates in the adrenal glands or other parts of sympathetic nervous tissue.  The most common place for the tumor to show up is in the abdomen but can also be found in other places.  Jason’s tumor started in his adrenal glands and spread to his liver.

Jason was diagnosed with Stage IVs Neuroblastoma. At this age, his chance of survival after two years was about 30%. Since the onslaught of this horrible tumor, Jason had gone through a biopsy surgery, intensive chemo treatments that last for 72 hours, shots in his legs to keep his blood counts up, TPN feedings 12 hours a day, bone marrow extractions and so much discomfort its too lengthy to explain. In between the hospital visits Jason seemed to recover good and other than the broviac tube inserted in his chest and the large scar from surgery you would never know he was sick.

Everyone who knew Jason was extremely saddened by his passing. He was loved very much and will never be forgotten.